1946: Rockwell Kent

Good Bye Day Lithograph – Image Size 13.875 X 9.75 inches This artist, born in 1882, was a pupil of William Chase, Robert Henri, and Abbott Thayer. A celebrated artist, he is the subject of many biographies. He authored numerous… Read More »1946: Rockwell Kent

1945: Grace Albee

The Boyer Place Wood Engraving – Image Size 5 x 7.25 A native of Scituate, Rhode Island (1890), she studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and learned wood engraving with Paul Bonnet in Paris. Her work is in… Read More »1945: Grace Albee

1943: Asa Cheffetz

Peaceful Valley Wood Engraving – Image Size 4.5 x 9 Inches A native of Buffalo (1897), this artist has been awarded several prizes including the Eyre Gold Medal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (1928). His works are in… Read More »1943: Asa Cheffetz

1942: Eva Watson

Gulls and Spray Block and Print – Image Size 9 x 8.75 inches Mrs. Watson (born 1889) and her husband Ernest both worked in this difficult medium, which requires the carving of several blocks for superimposing of different colors. Her… Read More »1942: Eva Watson