Boxcar Detail

Serigraph – Image Size 10 X 14 inches

I photographed this image in Irving, TX June 26, 2014. The camera used was a Nikon D800 with a 105mm f2.8 Nikkor lens. The exposure was 1/40th of a second at f10 and an ISO of 320. The pixel dimension was 7360 x 4912. After manipulating in Adobe Photoshop, I created 14 inkjet positives that were used to create 14 photo-stencil screens for printing. Colors were printed reductively in each screen. Upon completion, 35 color runs were counted.
All of the screen print was done by me with help from my primary assistant, my daughter Hannah, and my son Byron. It was printed in the print studio at Ursuline Academy of Dallas during July and August of 2014. The 35 color runs include: the verso white for the paper’s dimensional stability, repeated white to bury influencing colors, a matt varnish to seal the print, and the small area of gloss varnish to simulate the surface of the torn piece of orange reflective tape in the image. There are no other proofs.