What is a Fine Art Print?

The club defines a fine art print as an original piece of art printed by the artist or under his immediate supervision from a plate he /she has made. These pieces of art are considered original works of art and are not to be confused with print copies made by offset printing with photolithography methods such as are commonly sold in print and frame shops as fine art.

The club does several things that help print collectors and print viewers:

  • Each year the club contracts with a nationally known print artist to create a print for our members. Such a print has been issued every year since 1933! Members receive the print as a gift for being a member. The commissioned prints are called “Presentation Prints.” This is an unsual name and only applies to the commissioned prints by Print clubs.
  • The club maintains available past presentation prints for sale to members only who want to add to their collection.
  • The Print Club of Albany has established a permanent collection of prints. Over 20,000 prints now are maintained representing all types of printmaking.
  • In addition to prints, the club maintains collections of books, papers and notes of artists who are represented in the club collection and who contribute them to the club.

Please download the Membership Application here, or print this page from your browser, fill it out and mail it to the Print Club of Albany along with your check for the appropriate amount.

Print Club of Albany

150 Barrett Street
Schenectady, NY 12305 USA
518 449-4756


2022 Dues Notice

This year’s Presentation Print is a very fine etching by the distinguished printmaker and artist, Bill Murphy. The print should be available in late Spring.
The dues this year are $95, with an additional $25 for shipping, making a total of $110. Members who want to pick up the print can send in the $95.

Please indicate your choice:

_______ $120 PCA 2022 Presentation Print with shipping
_______ $95 for pick-up at The Print Club
_______ Tax deductible donation to the Museum of Prints and Printmaking (Please use a separate check
made out to the Museum of Prints and Printmaking for donations.)

Please print your name, address, email and phone number:
Make checks payable to The Print Club of Albany and mail to 150 Barrett St. Schenectady, NY 12305

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________
Apt/Suite _____________

City ______________________________________
State ________
ZIP ________

Email address ______________________________________
Telephone ___________________

Note: We are a national all-volunteer organization. We are looking for members to help in all areas
including board members, help at art fairs, event planning and office staffing. Let us know.

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